December 30, 2019

Anthony Thong Do - Build Product, Deliver Value (Out of date ^^)

Still updating... ^^

I hardly believe myself saying no if someone asks me "Anything new today?"

After dropping out of my university at my 4th year, I joined few companies (Microsoft, Gameloft,,...) on different positions such as Developer, Product Designer, Product Analyst, Marketer,... After doing lot of different things, I found out that my passion is building products.



Get sh*t done in style, basically, learn and do anything for living (I meant making products)

Product Portfolio - A Minimalist Publishing Platform

  • Built it with my friends

  • Side-project for fun - Database Designer Built for Analysts and Developers

  • Product Manager, Intrapreneur

  • Product Management, Product Design + UX, Product Marketing

  • 100K users within the first 6 months with $0 marketing budget - Location-based Platform for Commerce Marketing

  • Co-founder & CPO

  • Product Management, Operation, Recruitment, Strategy

Brand Positioning Location-based platform, a new push and pull marketing channel based on location (Only available in Vietnam at the moment) - Cloud-based Business Intelligence Platform

  • Product Manager

  • Product Management, Product Design, Product Marketing

We help company more data-driven, empower data teams by automating day-to-day data operations, giving the faster insights to business people. Feel free to chat with me if you need to consult about dataanalytics. - Asias's Startup Ecosystem

  • Product & UX Designer, Product Analyst

To empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies

Tweetswall, Lovebridge

  • In Progress


Najin -> Ninja, a video game when I worked at Gameloft

  • Game Producer, Game Designer


  • Co-founder


  • Co-founder

UBits - An Arcade Game


  • Co-founder

Troll Camera 360

  • Indie Developer

  • 500,000 Installs

  • Not my first product, but the first time I feel that I can use tech to deliver happiness

Sexy Girls VN

A Windows Phone App which is collection of beautiful Vietnamese girls. It's removed from the store lol.

Marvels Comic

Product Feedback

May 31, 2017 - Business Intelligence Platform

The Story is a Cloud-based Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Platform which helps your organization be more data-driven.

I first helped Holistics as freelance UX and Product consultant, I loved the team as well as the product vision from co-founders.

After enjoying the journey at, I've become 1st full-time Product Manager on 2018 July to contribute more to Holistics.

What Did I Do


  • Worked with management team to define vision and strategy

  • Helped recruiting the A+ players for the team

  • Helped implementing Product Roadmap, Support Process Product Release Process


  • Worked with Design and Engineering team to

    • Revamp UX Flow

    • Revamp Query Editor

    • Implement Commenting & Like System

    • ...


Helped the team while there was no main designer

  • Designed Holistics T-shirt


  • SEO, Content Marketing, Partnership

  • Built free tool

December 30, 2016

UBits - An Arcade Game



  • Game likes this won't last because it doesn't make any longterm value

  • Indie games like this need experienced publishers to leverage

May 31, 2016

SportHub - Steam + LinkedIn for Sport


When schedule a sport match, people usually use phone or social network to invite friends, however, the problems such as when or where to play, not enough number of players sometimes prevent us to play the game we want.

Basically, SportHub is a platform that helps us schedule sport matches easily and build up the gamification system through the matches.

More on my Behance



Me, My Nguyen, Thong Le, Thi Nguyen

Lessons learnt

  • The idea was too ambitious since we didn't have enough experience to make it happen, what we have is only the concept and the prototype.

November 30, 2015

Troll Camera

Got 500,000 Downloads in 3 Months, 4.8*

App Link


  • Entertainment app like this is fun but has short lifetime

  • If it's a joke, make it simple

  • First time I feel that I can make others happy by making product BETA