Dec 30, 2019

Anthony Thong Do - Make Product, Deliver Value

I hardly believe myself saying no if someone asks me "Anything new today?"


Product Portfolio - An Online Public Notebook

  • Co-founder - Free and Simple Database Designer Built for Analysts and Developers

  • Product Manager

  • Product Management, Product Design + UX, Product Marketing

  • 20,000 users within the first 2 months

Read more - Location-based Platform for Commerce Marketing

  • Co-founder & CPO

  • Product Management, Operation, Recruitment, Strategy

Brand Positioning Location-based platform, a new push and pull marketing channel based on location (Only available in Vietnam at the moment) - Cloud-based Business Intelligence Platform

  • Product Manager

  • Product Management, Product Design, Product Marketing

We help company more data-driven, empower data teams by automating day-to-day data operations,giving the faster insights to business people. Feel free to chat with me if you need to consult about dataanalytics. - Asias's Startup Ecosystem

  • Product & UX Designer, Product Analyst, Product Management Assistant, Front-end Lead

To empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies

Tweetswall, Lovebridge

In Progress


Najin -> Ninja, a video game when I worked as interns at Gameloft

  • Game Producer, Game Designer


  • Co-founder


  • Co-founder


  • Krelab's Product


  • Co-founder

Troll Camera 360

  • Indie Developer

  • 500,000 Installs

  • Not my first product, but the first time I feel that I can use tech to deliver happiness

Sexy Girls VN

A Windows Phone App which is collection of beautiful Vietnamese girls. It's removed from the store lol.

Marvels Comic

Product Feedback BETA